R2HTML Package

R2HTML Package

Update: I maintained R2HTML from the original pub date of this post (2005) up until version 1.59, but no longer maintain it. Maintenance is now back to the author of the package (Eric Lecoutre). Keeping this page just for posterity.


R2HTML is an R package, written and maintained by Eric Lecoutre currently maintained by me. It provides functions and methods to output different R objects to HTML files. It also has a Sweave driver to allow parsing of HTML files containing R code and automatically write the corresponding outputs.

Current released version: 1.59

Download source from CRAN: R2HTML_1.59.tar.gz.

Latest development snapshot (to be 1.60)

This package is being maintained on Sourceforge.net now. Please check its project page on http://sourceforge.net/projects/r2html/ for latest development snapshots and package releases.

Subversion (SVN) Access

Anonymous SVN access is provided for read-only via Sourceforge.net now. The repository address is: https://r2html.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/r2html. To checkout a working copy of the current development version, try:

$ svn co https://r2html.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/r2html/trunk

Todo List

  • Add method for printing epitools objects, as suggested by Ulrike Grömping.
  • Improvement of HTML.matrix(), which currently is generating invalid HTML code.
  • Overall improvement of CSS used.
  • As pointed out by Kurt Hornik, HTMLcore.R uses global variables and manipulates the user’s workspace, which is not a very recommended programming practice on R. A rewrite of the mechanism used to keep track of the .HTMLfile in use is needed, using, as suggested by Hornik, a dynamic variable inside the package.


The following RNews article by Eric Lecoutre is a good introduction to the package capabilities:


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