Printing to PostScript in Windows 7 (or where did Apple Color LW 12/660 go?)

Printing to PostScript in Windows 7 (or where did Apple Color LW 12/660 go?)

1 – Windows 7: First Impressions

I’ve recently purchased a copy of Windows 7 for my wife’s computer, and I have to say that it is indeed a quite nice jump ahead in terms of quality in comparison to Windows XP. After installing it and using it for a while I can certainly vouch that Windows seems to be ready for the Desktop again. Ubuntu for quite sometime was very much ahead of Windows, but now the distance seems to have narrowed. For my own computer I’d definitely not consider anything but Linux for the moment, but Windows can now be considered seriously again as a desktop OS.

Installation was pretty effortless, asking a couple of questions about my locale and keyboard, and it ran pretty much unattended. Pretty much like installing Ubuntu: no need to download any driver off the internet, it simply worked out of the box after installation. Only one minor nuisance: MS apparently hasn’t still figured out how to not need to reboot your PC countless times every time you do any system modification. There was a notice to that effect during the setup screens: “Your computer will need to reboot several times during setup”. Well, at least it required no attendance from me, but still, you kind of expect Microsoft would have figured a way out of their reset addiction by now.

2 – Issues

The idea was to have this post as a placeholder where I’d add issues with the migration, but so far the only problem I had was with the printer driver for generating PostScript files. If there are more issues later, I’ll post them here.

2.1 – Apple Color LW 12/660 PS driver gone missing

As my main PC runs GNU/Linux, I have set up a SAMBA Share using CUPS, for file and printer sharing. As it happens, when you map such a printer share on Windows, you need to set it up to print to a PostScript file. In Windows XP and earlier you’d look up Apple on the list of printer makers and choose “Apple Color LW 12/660 PS”. This also worked well if you set it up for printing to file and then saving the result as .ps file:

Install Printer Dialog in Windows XP

In Windows Vista that option wasn’t available. Doing a cursory search on the interweb I came across a workaround: using the maker Generic and the printer “MS Publisher Imagesetter”. I haven’t tried writing to a file, but sending it to CUPS via the samba share worked nicely:

Install Printer Dialog in Windows 7

Install Printer Dialog in Windows 7

That’s it for now. I’ll post updates if there are any more issues.


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  1. Madmanntis says:

    I needed to set up a PostScript virtual printer to use with Adobe Distiller.

    It works. It outputs to file as a .prn file, and Adobe Distiller is able to use that file.

    Thanks for sharing this!

  2. iTropics says:


    MS Publisher Imagesetter driver worked for Samsung SCX-4216f (LPR) installed on Win 7 x64. Samsung is connected on a Printer Server which is then shared from CUPS.

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